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Adult Figure Skating Competition 2013-2014
Data Competitions Place Website Results
2 november 2013 Olympic Open Moscow, Russia Results
7Ц10 november 2013 Volvo Cup Riga, Latvia    
7 december 2013 Opening of "Luna" Ekaterinburg, Russia Results
12Ц14 december 2013 Vinnitsa Trophy 2013 Vinnitsa, Ukraine  
21Ц22 december 2013 Dream With Us Yaroslavl, Russia Results
21 december 2013 Open Cup of St.Petersburg St.Petersburg, Russia Results
10Ц12 january 2014 Gliss Open Tallinn, Estonia  
18 january 2014 Juna Cup Tallinn, Estonia Results
1-2 february 2014 Coupe des Druides Tour, France Results
6Ц8 february 2014 ANZAS Adult Competition Carnegie, Australia Results
8 february 2014 Klin Ice Klin, Russia   Results
7Ц9 mart 2014 Championship of Russia 2014 "Russian Winter" Kaluga, Russia Results
7Ц9 mart 2014 Skate Berlin Adults Berlin, Germany Results
10 mart 2014 Cup of A.N.Mishin St.Petersburg, Russia Results
12Ц13 mart 2014 Coupe de France de Danse sur Glace Morzine, France    
29Ц30 mart 2014 XIII Ice Blade Adult Sofia, Bulgaria Results
4Ц6 april 2014 Silver Skate Kuopio, Finland Results
12 april 2014 Cup of Luna Ekaterinburg, Russia Results
17-20 april 2014 Cup of Prikamye Perm, Russia Results
19 april 2014 Olympic Open Moscow, Russia Results
3Ц4 may 2014 Trophee des Hauts de Seine Boulogne, France Results
8Ц11 may 2014 Bulles de Troyes Troyes, France Results
17Ц18 may 2014 Some competitions Milan, Italy Results
17 may 2014 Finist Cup Moscow, Russia   Results
25Ц31 may 2014 World Championship 2014 ISU Adult Competitions Obertsdorf, Germany Results
6Ц8 june 2014 International Competitions "White Nights" 2014 St.Petersburg, Russia Results